Stitch Fix…Fix #4!

…but what about #2 and #3?

Ok so I’ve been raving about my latest Stitch Fix to whoever would listen. It seriously delivered some REALLY cute pieces. And I’ll get to that...promise! But first, what happened to my two Stitch Fix boxes in between?

Well, I won’t lie. It’s definitely not a perfect service. When Stitch Fix #2 arrived, I was pretty let down because nothing fit me correctly. There was a potential keeper in the bunch, but I wasn’t loving the print and color, so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping. However! – one of the best things about Stitch Fix is their customer service. I emailed them to let them know about my letdown and being the awesome company that they are, they decided to send me a replacement box, free of charge! AMAZING!

When Stitch Fix #3 finally arrived, I was happy to see some potentials. Unfortunately, fit issues occurred again – a combination of materials and weird cuts. No big! I did keep a pair of cute leaf earrings this time around seen here:


The reason I decided to let you all in on my disappointment isn’t to steer you away from the service. Instead, it’s to let you know that it’s not perfect, but they try their best to make their customers happy. And happy they made me!

NOW – reveal time! Stitch Fix #4!


Some people have their fixes arriving every 2-3 weeks, monthly, or every 3 months. I choose to receive a fix for special occasions – which I’m sure makes the husband happy, ha! My primary reason for requesting this fix was an upcoming trip to NYC for Memorial Day weekend. I wanted some easy to wear, light pieces, since I knew it would be hot and humid while we were in the city.

My stylist definitely delivered this time around! I’ll start off with what I considered a bonus piece – a super cute Street Level clutch! It has the ability of being worn as a cross body bag or a simple clutch by removing the chain strap. I mean look at the print on this thing! Definitely a keeper.


Next, is a navy Adrianna Papell staple dress. I really wanted to like this more, especially because it has pockets, but the material was heavier than I wanted. Also, I don’t go into an office for work where this would get the most wear. Cute – but just not my style. I threw in a picture with the clutch because – HELLO, super cute again.


Unfortunately, I had another fit problem with the Dear John Chino shorts pictured next. But, bottoms are always hard for this petite girl. These shorts had the potential to be very comfortable but they were too big and I didn’t like them enough to go down a size. However – this blouse! First of all, it’s yellow, and if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE the color yellow. The details in this Papermoon blouse were a no brainer – keeper!


Finally, my most favorite piece that I received – a Collective Concepts romper! I saw this piece floating around on a Stitch Fix Pinterest board and I figured “Let me pin it and see what happens”. Lo and behold, my stylist included it in this box and boy, am I glad she did. Not only is this thing cute, but it is comfortable. The print is gorgeous too…take a look at this keeper!


Another Stitch Fix box, come and gone with a great outcome. Keeping 3 out of 5 pieces is not bad, especially for my wallet, haha! Until next time!

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***This post is in no way sponsored by Stitch Fix. Just my ramblings about the service.***

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