Staying up on my fitness…with a PUNCH!

…we’re talking boxing!

Title hand wrapsSo a couple of weeks ago, I shared on my Instagram that I had tried a new workout class. I’ve been looking for something new to sweat to. Not only did I find a free trial class, but I think I found a workout that works for me!

Seriously…what better way to work out than being able to take out any stress from your day on a 100lb bag that won’t hit back – at least it shouldn’t anyway!

SO – There is a Title Boxing Club gym that has recently opened about half a mile from our apartment. Lucky for me, they allow you to take a “free shot” class before becoming a member. I would definitely be a dummy for not taking a trial class!

Little did I know – I was going to love it! For my trial class, I only did the kbox30 class which is a 30 minute kickboxing class, but boy was it a workout! And the best part was that the class was at noon, meaning I could totally take a class during my lunch hour if I wanted to. The gym offers a combination of 30 min and 60 min boxing and kickboxing classes. The 30 min classes are the perfect length for someone who’s on the go…also no excuses, it’s ONLY 30 mins!

My mind was pretty much made up. I needed to become a member.

Remember the fact that the club is only half a mile from my apartment? Well, as it turns out, residents of my apartment complex have a promotion with the club. There was absolutely no reason for me to say no to this membership. And so I am now a Title Boxing Club of Charleston member. Please take a minute to look at my boxing pose.

boxing pose
Who am I kidding with this pose? C’mon now!

Haha – okay I’m #sorrynotsorry for that picture! But there is something about wearing boxing gloves that makes you feel like a badass – not even going to try to hide it! As you can see, I ended up splurging on my own set of gloves for a couple of reasons:

  1. I feel more committed knowing I spent money on actual gear
  2. These are machine washable making cleaning them super easy
  3. And probably the main reason – these don’t stink of other’s sweat! EW!

Aside from the gloves, I also purchased some bright essentialsyellow hand wraps which make me smile as I put them on – don’t judge me. It’s the little things!

I realized I needed a gym bag that would hold these gloves and everything else that I would need with me. Here comes a small tip I discovered while shopping for a new gym bag. BALL bags (like those made for soccer) make excellent boxing equipment carriers. The ball pocket is the perfect size for both gloves to fit into and not co-mingle with the rest of the items in the bag.

I’m super excited I’ve found a workout that I really enjoy. In the month of June, I ran 30 miles in 30 days and that was great – except I ran a total of 0 miles the entire month of July. 0! I’m thinking if I incorporate some miles in between classes, I won’t get tired of either. Here’s to keeping fit and staying active!

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