It’s a new year…with new hair!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2017!

new year

So as you can see, it’s been quite a while since my last post. I attribute that to work and life getting crazy busy, and to me being unorganized and a tad lazy. Sorry! However, it’s a brand new year and I’ve decided to get more organized with the blog and hopefully learn a lot more!

Let’s talk change.

I did a thing. A thing I had been thinking about doing for quite some time. Yep, I finally went full purple with my hair – thanks to an awesome friend! I had been toying with the idea of a full mane of purple, but never had the guts to actually go through with it. I’ve had temporary purple ends several times, and while I loved the way it looked, the color was never purple enough.

I had a particular color that I kept stumbling on during my way too long sessions of scrolling through Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, it seriously is a dangerous place for dreamers like me. I have pinned way too many home ideas and I don’t even own a home (yet)! Anyway, this is the color purple I kept dreaming about. To be completely honest, the reason holding me back from going all in was the process to get to that color. I knew bleaching my hair was the only way to do it – and that is a scary word!

The (scary) process

Let’s begin with the before. My natural hair color is a super dark brown, almost black color. While I do think my natural color is pretty, I like to change it up from time to time. Of course, hair care should never be ignored when it comes to changing your hair color, so I made sure to deep condition my hair before the process, to minimize the damage that the bleach was inevitably going to cause.

My hair-stylist friend, Jackie, decided to help me out and take on my color transformation. Since she is a professional, I let her take complete control of the process and I am glad I did. Here is a little bit of the process as told by my snap story from that night:

I did warn you that it was a scary process, ha! The color that I ended up with is such a dynamic purple. It actually looks different in every picture I take, which I think is kind of cool!



Now, the actual process took place back in Mid-November, so I’ve had 2 months now to get used to the color and the upkeep required when dealing with a “fantasy” color. I definitely try to wash my hair less frequently than I used to and dry shampoo has become my best friend! I also changed my shampoo to a sulfate and paraben free kind to keep the purple from fading as fast.

One thing I discovered that has helped keep the purple vibrant is a product called
Overtone. Overtone makes color depositing conditioners in a rainbow of colors. Luckily for me, they have a color called Extreme Purple that is very similar to the original purple in my hair. I ordered their complete system which includes a daily conditioner in a full and travel size and the best product of all – the weekly deep conditioner. Now, when I wash my hair, I use the sulfate free shampoo followed by the daily Overtone conditioner. Once a week, I apply the deep conditioner which leaves my hair shiny and soft and vibrantly PURPLE! I actually haven’t had my hair touched up at all since the original process! 🙂

I am not sure how long I will keep this purple in my hair, but for now, I am loving it. So if you’re debating on making a change, I am here to say: DO IT! TRY IT! Change is good for the soul. At least for me. Here’s to a new year and a fresh start!


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