Hello there!

 The name is Angela.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.30.41 AMI am a graphic designer by trade, but a full time student of life. I believe that learning never stops and I have set out to learn new things in and about life. This began as a motivation tool for myself to continue my education for my career, but I quickly learned that I am hungry to learn about many other things.

My ramblings are my experiments and testimonials on a wide range of topics: DIY, healthy/beauty, subscription services, fitness, design, and much more.

I hope to learn things that help me discover passions I didn’t know I had – as well as helping me identify things I should probably leave behind, for the sake of myself and others. 😉


A little bit about who I am
-On this earth for almost 3 decades
-Born in the wonderfully diverse country of Colombia, South America
-Married to a genuine and funny human that answers to the name Bill
-Owned by 2 rambunctious corgis who force me to call them Stella and Marty
-Recently calling Charleston, SC my new home
-Lover of design and art in general
-Nerd at heart
-Not a full size human, standing under 5 ft “tall”

I appreciate, and welcome, any suggestions for “experimental learnings”, so ASK AWAY!

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