DIY…here I come

…or so I hope.

To start off the year, I decided to tackle a fairly simple and straight forward project.
Staining a wooden crate. Sounds easy enough, and thankfully, it was.

My idea for staining a crate came about when I was looking for a way to prop up a mirror in our bedroom. I bought the mirror on a whim, not thinking about the fact that 1) it’s kind of heavy, and 2) we’re renters. Hanging this mirror would require drilling into the wall and I just didn’t want to go through that trouble. The problem with this was…the mirror was too short on its own.

So after searching on Pinterest (of course) for ideas, I stumbled upon a picture of a mirror resting on top of a white/gray wooden crate. Perfect. Inexpensive, and easy to do.


I found a simple wooden crate at Walmart for $7-8. I was surprised at how sturdy it actually was for the price. The only downfall – it was pretty raw with lots of little splinters coming off of it. Not a big deal since I would be sanding it down to stain anyway.


I wanted to go for a darker gray than the picture I originally found, so I picked up a dark Ebony stain. I figured if I didn’t apply several coats of the stain, I could get the darker gray effect I was trying to go for. After staining, and leaving it out overnight, the result was a little bit darker than desired, but overall, not bad at all.


The size of the crate compared to the mirror isn’t ideal, but for a last minute and cheap solution, I’ll take it. The result turned out very close to what I had envisioned. Now I have to figure out a way to style it and tie it in with the rest of the bedroom.


I would say, for my first DIY project of the year, that it was a SUCCESS!!

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